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The Comparison of Strattice and SurgiMend in Acellular Dermal Matrix-Assisted, Implant-Based Immediate Breast Reconstruction


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  • 2018


  • BACKGROUND: Strattice (porcine derivative) and SurgiMend (bovine derivative) are the two most common acellular dermal matrices used in breast reconstruction in the United Kingdom. This retrospective study compared clinical outcomes in immediate implant-based breast reconstruction patients. METHODS: The study, conducted across three hospitals, included all patients who underwent immediate implant-based breast reconstruction using Strattice and SurgiMend. The primary outcome measure was implant loss rate. Secondary outcome measures included acellular dermal matrix loss rate, seroma formation, and minor and major complication rates. Intergroup comparison was performed. RESULTS: Eighty-two patients (Strattice, n = 45; SurgiMend, n = 37) underwent 97 immediate implant-based breast reconstructions (Strattice, n = 54; SurgiMend, n = 43). There were no differences between groups for age, comorbidities, specimen weight, or implant volume. Drains were used in all Strattice and 36 (84 percent) SurgiMend cases. The implant loss rate was higher for Strattice (n = 10, 20 percent) compared with SurgiMend (n = 3, 7 percent) but failed to reach statistical significance (chi-square test, p = 0.077). The acellular dermal matrix loss rate was significantly higher (Fisher's exact test, p = 0.014) in the Strattice group (n = 7, 14 percent), with no acellular dermal matrix loss with SurgiMend. The reoperation rate was also significantly higher (chi-square test, p = 0.002) in the Strattice group (n = 17, 33 percent, versus n = 3, 7 percent). The incidence of red breast was significantly higher (chi-square test, p = 0.022) in the SurgiMend group (n = 9, 21 percent, versus n = 3, 6 percent). Seroma, wound problems, and infection rates were similar. CONCLUSIONS: Clinical outcomes, including implant loss, acellular dermal matrix loss, and reoperation rates, are significantly better when using SurgiMend in immediate implant-based breast reconstruction compared with Strattice. An appropriately powered randomized trial is needed to provide further information. CLINICAL QUESTION/LEVEL OF EVIDENCE: Therapeutic, III.
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