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Improving clinical documentation: introduction of electronic health records in paediatrics

The indirect impact of COVID-19 on child health.

Eye pathologies in neonates

Impact of Telephone Reminders on Attendance Rate at Paediatric Clinics

Pain evaluation in preterm infants using skin conductance algesimeter

Management of early-onset neonatal infections

When to do paediatric gastrointestinal endoscopy?

Management of pain in neonatal units: a national survey in the UK

2D-4D and its link with various physical, behavioural and social parameters

Use of enteral nutritional supplementation: a survey of level II and III neonatal units in England

An audit of the effectiveness of PCSK9 inhibition in reducing cholesterol in patients attending lipid clinics

Pre-hospital assessment of a child under one year old with fever.

Term admissions to neonatal units in England: A role for transitional care? A retrospective cohort study

The Alvarado score in acute appendicitis: A 3-year audit to evaluate the usefulness in predicting negative appendicectomies in <=16 s at QHBFT

12 Years data on resistance pattern of uropathogens

Pain evaluation in the preterm

New born observation track and trigger (NOTT) chart-Burton experience

Investigation and management of vitamin d deficiency/insufficiency-a service evaluation

Exploring difficulties in child protection practice. A west midlands survey

Unexpected term admissions to neonatal unit

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