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The best choice of equipment to obtain high quality standardised results in intra-oral photography - a comparison between the common practice in the UK and the gold standard set by the literature

JCO Interviews Dr. Bjorn U. Zachrisson on Excellence in Finishing

Extraction of maxillary canines: Esthetic perceptions of patient smiles among dental professionals and laypeople.

How accurate are TheraMon® microsensors at measuring intraoral wear-time? Recorded vs. actual wear times in five volunteers

How do patients perceive the British orthodontic society online information resource about orthognathic treatment? A qualitative study

A retrospective study comparing the loss of anchorage following the extraction of maxillary first or second premolars during orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances in adolescent patients

Comparison of measurements from photographed lateral cephalograms and scanned cephalograms

Palatal implants are a good alternative to headgear: a randomized trial.

Quality of clinical photographs taken by orthodontists, professional photographers, and orthodontic auxiliaries

Medical disorders and orthodontics

Early Class II treatment

First aid for orthodontic retainers

Anterior open bite: aetiology and management.

The long and winding road--the journey of a cleft lip and palate patient part 1

Effectiveness of 3 methods of anchorage reinforcement for maximum anchorage in adolescents: A 3-arm multicenter randomized clinical trial

Advances in orthodontic anchorage with the use of mini-implant techniques

Double Traction for Lower-First-Molar Space Closure

Effective Derotation of Canines and Premolars

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