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Surgical Repair of Pectoralis Muscle Rupture Following Sport/Exercise Injuries: Case Series.


  • Trauma and Orthopaedics

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  • 2017-02


  • Rupture of the Pectoralis muscle tendon is usually rare. And when it does happen, Sports or exercises are most often the culprit. An abducted, extended and externally rotated shoulder is weak and adding tension to it, as happens during a bench press or throwing a ball, is likely to tear off the Pectoral tendon. Sites recognized are: At Tendon attachment, Musculo-tendinous junction and Muscle belly. This is a retrospective case review of three cases of Pectoral tear that underwent Open Surgical repair with fibre-tape and Pec-buttons. No major complications (hematoma, prosthesis failure, persistent pain) witnessed thus far in early post-operative phase (3 months). Notably, MRI imaging did not show any tear in two of the cases despite strong clinical suspicion, prior to surgery. This review has led to the conclusion that, surgical repair for Pectoral tear is a very effective method of treatment, for both complete & incomplete rupture. And MRI imaging, although very sensitive and useful for soft tissues, may not be specific & is best used as an adjunct to aid the Clinical diagnosis only.
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