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Spontaneous Rupture of a Pseudoaneurysm of the Right Hepatic Artery Causing Massive Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding


  • Specialist Medicine


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Published Date

  • 2018-08


  • Derby NHS



  • We describe the case of an 84-year-old woman who presented with right lower chest pain, anaemia and newly deranged liver function which was followed by massive upper gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding with no source of bleeding found on upper GI endoscopy. CT angiography of the GI tract confirmed rupture of a pseudoaneurysm of the right hepatic artery (RHA) that was treated successfully with trans-arterial embolization of the RHA.LEARNING POINTS: If upper gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopy fails to identify the source of upper GI bleeding, CT angiography is required to search for rare causes such as pseudoaneurysm of the right hepatic artery (RHA) with fistula formation with the GI and biliary tract, along with other causes such as aorto-enteric fistula.Pseudoaneurysm of the RHA is commonly secondary to recent surgery or trauma and spontaneous occurrence is very rare.Endovascular repair using transcatheter arterial embolization is the treatment of choice but if it fails, emergency laparotomy should be considered.
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