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Procarbazine-Free Escalated Beacopdac in Frontline Therapy of Advanced Hodgkin Lymphoma Reduces Red Cell Transfusion Requirements and May Shorten Time to Menstrual Period Recovery Compared to Escalated Beacopp and Appears to be As Efficacious


  • Haematology


Document Type

Published Date

  • 2019-11


  • Since interim results from the EuroNet-PHL-C1 study1were published in 2013 showing that the gonadotoxic drug procarbazine in COPP can be safely replaced with dacarbazine (COPDac) it is increasingly common practice to modify escalated BEACOPP (eBPP) by removing oral procarbazine and replacing it with intravenous dacarbazine (250mg/m2 D2-3), hoping to reduce haematopoietic stem cell and gonadal toxicity. However, published data of 'escalated BEACOPDac (eBPDac)' regimen are very limited.
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