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Modified prone position to dissect the popliteal fossa.


  • Orthopaedics

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  • 2013-03


  • Introduction: Traditionally, the prone position is used for dissecting the popliteal fossa, which requires endotracheal intubation. Access to the airway in this position is limited, hence the complications. It is not surprising that the prone position is not favoured by the anaesthetists, especially in patients with a high body mass index. We describe a safe and novel alternative to the prone position. Methods: The modified prone position (MPP) is described as an alternative position that facilitates access to the airway. Results: Between October 2007 and May 2010, 12 patients underwent popliteal fossa dissection using the MPP. All patients had general anaesthesia using a laryngeal mask airway with the exception of one, who had an epidural anaesthesia. There were no airway or haemodynamic complications. The surgical access to the popliteal fossa was as good as with the traditional prone position. Conclusions: The MPP was satisfactory for both the surgeon and the anaesthetists. The authors now use this position routinely for dissecting the popliteal fossa.
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