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Managing patients with delusional infestations in an integrated Psychodermatology clinic is much more cost effective than a general dermatology or primary care setting


  • Specialist Medicine


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  • 2016-09


  • Delusional Infestation (DI) is a condition whereby patients hold a fixed, false belief of being infested with living organisms (1) . Patients classically present with excoriated skin at various stages of the healing process, together with evidence of their infestation (the specimen sign(2) ) such as skin debris, insects or insect parts.. Patients also complain of a variety of cutaneous symptoms such as crawling, itching, burning and soreness. DI may occur as a primary disorder or as a consequence of medical illness(3) . A significant proportion of patients also have other associated dermato-psychological problems such as body dysmorphophobia, obsessive compulsive disorder and nodular prurigo. Sufferers often experience significant morbidity and reduction in quality of life.
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