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Fibrin glue is a quick and effective treatment for primary and recurrent pilonidal sinus disease.


  • General Surgery and Urology

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  • 2018-11


  • BACKGROUND: Pilonidal sinus disease (PSD) is a common, chronic inflammatory condition involving hair follicles within the natal cleft. It mainly affects young males and creates a significant health, social and economic burden. Traditional surgery is often radical resulting in pain, wound complications, long recovery times and poor cosmesis. The aim of our study was to evaluate fibrin glue as a primary treatment for PSD. METHODS: Fibrin glue procedures for a single surgeon at our institution were identified from operative coding databases and the logbook from January 2011 to January 2016. Patients had curettage of the sinus with fibrin glue obliteration. Recurrence data was collected retrospectively. RESULTS: One hundred and forty-six patients were identified; (115 (79%) males, mean age 30 (range 16-78 years). One hundred and forty-four (99%) were discharged the same day. Four (2.7%) were treated conservatively for wound discharge. Median operating time was 9 (range 4-28) min. There were 40 (27%) recurrences after one glue application. Median time to recurrence was 4 (range 0.25-36) months. Twenty-four (60%) of the recurrences had repeat glue treatment with 4 (16.6%) recurrences. After 2 rounds of treatment with glue alone, 126 out of 130 (96.9%) patients had healed. CONCLUSIONS: Fibrin glue application following curettage of the sinus is a quick and effective procedure for first and second line treatment of PSD.
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