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Endobronchial metastasis of mixed Mullerian tumour of the uterus.


  • Specialist Medicine

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  • 2017-12


  • Endobronchial metastasis occurs in only 2%-5% of non-pulmonary cancers. Here we report on an 84-year-old woman who presented with breathlessness and light-headedness while on holiday in Australia, 2 years post-treatment for endometrial cancer. Initial CT pulmonary angiogram identified a soft tissue mass in the left hemithorax. A chest radiograph performed after repatriation was consistent with a large left pleural effusion, but bedside ultrasound showed a lobulated mass involving the left hemidiaphragm. A pleural procedure in the traditional 'triangle of safety' would have resulted in inadvertent puncture of the underlying mass. Serial imaging confirmed the mass was rapidly progressing, and metastatic malignant mixed Mullerian endometrial carcinoma was diagnosed by endobronchial biopsy. A tunnelled intrapleural catheter was inserted for symptom relief, and the patient deteriorated and died at home 2 weeks later. To our knowledge, this is the first case of endobronchial metastasis from malignant mixed Mullerian tumour of the uterus.
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