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Closure of loop ileostomy: potentially a daycase procedure?


  • General Surgery and Urology

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  • 2011-12


  • BACKGROUND: Four thousand four hundred and twenty-seven ileostomy closures were performed in the UK in 2008-2009, (35,432 bed days). None were recorded as being performed as a daycase procedure. Our aim is to evaluate the morbidity and mortality associated with this procedure and to investigate whether daycase surgery is feasible. METHOD: Patients having closure of loop ileostomy were identified retrospectively from May 2005 to July 2010. The primary surgery, method of ileostomy closure, length of hospital stay and early (≤30 days) or late (>30 days) complications were recorded. RESULTS: A total of 138 patients were evaluated. The median age was 63 (17-83) years and 64% were male patients. The primary surgery was predominantly anterior resection (74%). Median time from initial surgery to reversal was 37 (1-117) weeks. The median length of hospital stay was 4 (1-39) days. Applying a 23-h discharge protocol to our results excluded 18 patients categorised as ASA3. Ninety-six patients (80%) met the discharge criteria for a potential 23-h hospital stay. The expected readmission rate within 30 days of surgery was 12% (n = 14). 85 patients (71%) did not suffer an early complication. There were 35 early complications (30%), 10 general and 25 specific to the procedure, but serious only in 5%. There were no deaths in the eligible patients. CONCLUSION: Closure of loop ileostomy in our series is safe, with a low serious morbidity rate. It may be feasible to perform reversal of ileostomy as a daycase/23-h stay. We intend to implement a 23-h stay for reversal of ileostomy.
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