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Brief interventions and single sessions as stages in a change process for people with psychosis


  • Psychosis


Document Type

Published Date

  • 2015


  • Routledge


  • 9780415710732


  • In this chapter, the therapeutic benefits of single sessions and brief interventions for people with psychosis who are hard to engage are explored. Whilst such brief contact can be valuable for promoting engagement or as preparation for longer term work, it is proposed it can be equally valuable as stand-alone interventions. The philosophical underpinning of brief interventions is firstly reviewed before the strategies and techniques which may be utilized to make limited contact useful are described. This work draws on a number of perspectives and approaches which are drawn together into a clinically useful framework. The emphasis in brief intervention is upon enabling individuals to make informed choices about how and where to get assistance and to feel empowered to manage their own difficulties, without needing further professional support.
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