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A safe method to evacuate pneumoperitoneum during laparoscopic surgery in suspected COVID-19 patients.


  • General Surgery

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Published Date

  • 2020-05


  • http://www.rcseng.ac.uk/publications/annals/


  • The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced new challenges to surgery and protection of staff in the operating theatre. Aerosol and surface viability of the virus has been shown to last at least hours, with viability lasting days on certain surfaces.[ 1] Uncontrolled evacuation of pneumoperitoneum during laparoscopy may pose an increased risk to staff and other patients. This has led to recent intercollegiate guidance advising against the use of laparoscopy unless there is a clear mortality benefit from laparoscopy over open surgery.[ 2] Several solutions have been proposed including gas filters, traps, or careful deflation.[ 2],[ 3] Here, we offer a more efficient method.
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