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A core outcome set for research on the management of otitis media with effusion in otherwise-healthy children.


  • ENT Department


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Published Date

  • 2020-07


  • Introduction A Core Outcome Set (COS) is an agreed list of outcome domains to be reported by all studies investigating a condition. A COS for Otitis Media with Effusion (OME) in children with cleft palate exists (called MOMENT), but there isn't one for otherwise-healthy children. This study investigates whether the MOMENT COS could also be applicable to otherwise-healthy children. Results A total of 134 people took part: 53 parents/guardians (recruited through UK NHS hospitals) and 81 professionals/researchers (recruited internationally). Overall, 128 (95.5%) agreed that the MOMENT outcomes can also apply to otherwise healthy children (100% parents/guardians, 92.6% professionals/researchers). Conclusions The outcome domains identified in the COS for OME management in children with cleft palate can also be used in otherwise-healthy children.
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