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A new therapeutic community: development of a compassion-focussed and contextual behavioural environment

The impact of shame, self-criticism and social rank on eating behaviours in overweight and obese women participating in a weight management programme

The Early Memories of Warmth and Safeness Scale for adolescents: Cross-Sample Validation of the Complete and Brief Versions

The concept of compassion within UK media-generated discourse: A corpus-informed analysis

Practice quality and effectiveness of a compassion training intervention: The Importance of embodying the compassionate self

Compassion-focused self-help for skin conditions in individuals with insecure attachment: a pilot evaluation of acceptability and potential effectiveness

Compassion is the key

Working with Compassion

The Italian version of the Social Comparison Rating Scale and the Submissive Behaviour Scale: Reliability and validity in a sample of adolescents

The Language of Compassion in Acute Mental Health Care

Exploring change processes in compassion focused therapy in psychosis: Results of a feasibility randomized controlled trial

Body dysmorphic disorder: The functional and evolutionary context in phenomenology and a compassionate mind.

Facial expressions depicting compassionate and critical emotions: the development and validation of a new emotional face stimulus set

Fears of happiness and compassion in relationship with depression, alexithymia, and attachment security in a depressed sample

Compassion-focused therapy: Preface and introduction for special section.

The origins and nature of compassion focused therapy

Experiences of self-practice/self-reflection in cognitive behavioural therapy: a meta-synthesis of qualitative studies

Predictors of painkiller dependence among people with pain in the general population

The design of compassionate care.

Compassion Motivations: Distinguishing Submissive Compassion From Genuine Compassion and its Association With Shame, Submissive Behavior, Depression, Anxiety and Stress.

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