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Anaesthetics and Theatres

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Trainee-led emergency laparotomy operating.

The efficacy of 'static' training interventions for improving indices of cardiorespiratory fitness in premenopausal females.

Why most published meta-analysis findings are false.

Cancelled operations: a 7-day cohort study of planned adult inpatient surgery in 245 UK National Health Service hospitals.

Guidelines for the safe practice of total intravenous anaesthesia (TIVA): Joint Guidelines from the Association of Anaesthetists and the Society for Intravenous Anaesthesia.

Beyond the fear of tetanus

A multicentre prospective cohort study of the accuracy of conventional landmark technique for cricoid localisation using ultrasound scanning.

Acute presentation of a partially obstructing laryngeal tumour: adjuvant agents to gaseous induction of anaesthesia.

A randomised clinical trial comparing the 'sniffing' and neutral position using channelled (KingVision® ) and non-channelled (C-MAC® ) videolaryngoscopes

Femoral Nerve Block Intervention in Neck of Femur Fracture (FINOF): a randomised controlled trial.

Ultrasound guided popliteal sciatic block combined with femoral nerve block for managing a high risk patient on apixaban for i&d of footabscess

Designing and delivering non-technical skills simulation based education in regional anaesthesia

Audit of airway assessment and documentation for emergency patients at the Royal Derby Hospital

AAGBI: Safer pre-hospital anaesthesia 2017: Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland.

Breathtaking obesity?

What is the optimal type of fluid to be used for peri-operative fluid optimisation directed by oesophageal Doppler monitoring?

Oesophageal Doppler monitoring, doubt and equipoise: evidence based medicine means change.

An evaluation of POSSUM and P-POSSUM scoring in predicting post-operative mortality in a level 1 critical care setting.

Recommendations for standards of monitoring during anaesthesia and recovery 2015: Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland.

Agitation: This reflective account is based on NS786 Pritchard JC, Brighty A (2015) Caring for older people experiencing agitation.

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