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Therapies and Specialist Rehabilitation

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The time course of physiological adaptations to high-intensity interval training in older adults

High-intensity interval training produces a significant improvement in fitness in less than 31 days before surgery for urological cancer: a randomised control trial

Time-efficient physical activity interventions to reduce blood pressure in older adults: a randomised controlled trial.

The effectiveness of preoperative rehabilitation programmes on postoperative outcomes following anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction: a systematic review

Patients' attitudes towards cost feedback to doctors to prevent unnecessary testing: a qualitative focus group study

Mortality and Institutionalization After Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy in Parkinson's Disease and Related Conditions.

Prehospital Transdermal Glyceryl Trinitrate for Ultra-Acute Intracerebral Hemorrhage: Data From the RIGHT-2 Trial.

Implementing clinical guidelines into practice: The Osteoarthritis Self-management and Independent-living Support (OASIS) group-A service evaluation.

A meta-analysis of remote ischaemic conditioning in experimental stroke.

Who seeks physiotherapy or exercise treatment for hip and knee osteoarthritis? A cross-sectional analysis of the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing.

A career in rehabilitation medicine.

Remote Ischemic Conditioning After Stroke Trial 2: A Phase IIb Randomized Controlled Trial in Hyperacute Stroke.

A loaded self-managed exercise programme for patellofemoral pain: a mixed methods feasibility study.

Short-term preoperative high-intensity interval training does not improve fitness of colorectal cancer patients.

Who seeks physiotherapy or exercise treatment for hip and knee osteoarthritis? A cross-sectional analysis of the english longitudinal study of age cohort.

Musculoskeletal pain and exercise-challenging existing paradigms and introducing new.

A case of asymptomatic hyperkalaemia

Current physiotherapy practice in the management of tennis elbow: A service evaluation

Anticholinergic Drug Burden Tools/Scales and Adverse Outcomes in Different Clinical Settings: A Systematic Review of Reviews.

Effectiveness of Musculoskeletal Emergency Physiotherapy Practitioners.

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