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Targeted lipid treatment: decades of failure suggest new targets are in order

Cholesteryl ester storage disease: a rare and possibly treatable cause of premature vascular disease and cirrhosis

Secondary tests for stratification of risk for atherosclerosis

Identification of rare diseases by screening a population selected on the basis of routine pathology results-the PATHFINDER project: lysosomal acid lipase/cholesteryl ester storage disease substudy

Pro-protein subtilisin kexin-9 (PCSK9) inhibition in practice: lipid clinic experience in 2 contrasting UK centres

IQC trending with unity software and evaluation of the bio-rad EQAS blood typing system

Understanding patterns of ordering common blood tests in patients admitted to hospital-an audit to evaluate number and frequency of common blood tests in admitted patients in a medium sized DGH

Late discovery of a case with TAR syndrome who presented with an additional potential bleeding risk other than thrombocytopenia

Two case studies showing the importance of Coumarin tracing blood assays to investigate acquired coagulopathies in patients with selfharm behaviour

Paper based system can achieve 100% traceability in transfusion-an audit report

Varying ability of monoclonal anti-D reagents and weak RhD discrepancies-our experience

Experience of romiplostin use in the management of ITP in a district general hospital setting-can fixed doses be used during stable phase to reduce wastage?

Identifying patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation & poorly controlled INR on warfarin who are suitable to be switched to NOACs

Successful use of a charity to transport blood samples and blood components between a district general hospital and the national health service blood and transplant Birmingham

Organisational change - Implementation of the two-sample rule for ABO/D grouping prior to the issue of RBC

Successful creation of an electronic decision support tool to educate clinicians and develop a database to monitor the appropriate use of blood components at Burton Hospitals NHS foundation trust

Use of pre-recorded audio-visual information for patients diagnosed with six common haematological disorders with an aim to improve patient experience and facilitate breaking bad news

Analytical Performance Verification of the Beckman Coulter AU5800 Clinical Chemistry Analyser Against Recognized Quality Specifications Reveals Relevance of Method Harmonization

Guidelines for the management of acute joint bleeds and chronic synovitis in haemophilia: A United Kingdom Haemophilia Centre Doctors' Organisation (UKHCDO) guideline.

Hepatitis C virus-infected patients with a persistently normal alanine aminotransferase: do they exist and is this really a group with mild disease?

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