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Research & Development

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Assessing the Non-Cognitive Domains

Implementing the assessment of surgical skills and nontechnical behaviours in the operating room

Assessing the Patient Perspective

Development of a Problem-based learning (PBL) approach to facilitate the acquisition of statistics knowledge by non-statistics undergraduates: a case study in medical education

Solving assessment challenges together

Assessing Doctors' Performance: judging what matters well

Workplace-based assessment

Improving the quality of outpatient clinic letters using the Sheffield Assessment Instrument for Letters (SAIL)

Doctors' consultations with children and their parents: a model of competencies, outcomes and confounding influences

Children and their parents assessing the doctor-patient interaction: a rating system for doctors' communication skills

The reliability and validity of a matrix to assess the completed reflective personal development plans of general practitioners

An opener--and a plea for the baby still in the bathwater

Do the supervision needs of 'clerkship students' change as they become more experienced?

'I'm pickin' up good regressions': the governance of generalisability analyses

Can a district hospital assess its doctors for re-licensure?

Implementing workplace-based assessment across the medical specialties in the United Kingdom.

Factors affecting the utility of the multiple mini-interview in selecting candidates for graduate-entry medical school

Specialty-specific multi-source feedback: assuring validity, informing training

Implementing the undergraduate mini-CEX: a tailored approach at Southampton University

Mini-clinical evaluation exercise in anaesthesia training

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